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Our DevOps services and solutions help us develop and use high quality software products and services. Provide better resource management and DevOps management plans with the option of low-cost reuse and implementation. We allow organizations to create unique strategies and converged solutions for their devops Infra structure, whether it be for storage, servers, information availability or requirements for professional services. Our devops services USA expert specializes in planning, designing, building, maintaining, maintaining and upgrading complete data centre physical infrastructure and server rooms, resulting in a consistently accessible, scalable, redundant and maintainable data centre environment.
  • Install server scale up

  • Real time deployment

  • Improved consistency

  • Accurate server state

  • Affordable plans



CI is the industry standard for detecting any problem at an early stage. Our CI specialists use continuous integration tools in devops development such as Jenkins, Docker and Kubernetes for high-level cross-team communication to save time. CD is an engineering approach to securely and reliably release software updates. Minimize your deployment risks with our CD experts with a quick deployment process for any specific changes through devops Network & System Monitoring.
  • Early bug detection

  • Productive development

  • Enhanced adaptability

  • Improved quality

  • Instant feedback


Network and System monitoring

The devops services in Ahmedabad enables agile application development and fast delivery. However, sometimes network security is taken into account, leading to pre-release interruptions and post-security breaches. When it comes to network connectivity, such as whenever a new application needs to connect to an external resource, the continuous delivery process stops. Approval and implementation of network changes may prevent application provision for weeks. The application developer needs to break the continuous delivery cycle, open the change request and wait for approval. As a result, security is in a state of disarray and a barrier to innovation.
  • Continuous monitoring

  • Automatic bug fix

  • Scheduled maintenance

  • Network traffic monitoring

  • Streamline process

Network and System monitoring

Security Audit

As the top devops services in India, our IT security audit is a comprehensive assessment of an organization's security status and IT infrastructure. Hire devops developers, for conducting IT security audits that help organizations to detect and evaluate vulnerabilities in their IT networks, connected devices and applications. Our devops Security Audit service allows you to plug in security loopholes and achieve compliance. Our service includes things like vulnerability scans to detect security vulnerabilities in the IT system to conduct penetration tests to gain unauthorized access to systems, applications, and networks. Finally, after completion of all required procedures, the generated penetration test report is submitted to the institute for further analysis and action.
  • Website security testing

  • Vulnerability assessment

  • Penetration testing

  • On-demand security audit

  • Source code security review

Security Audit

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Website development is not a onetime task but an ongoing process that requires timely updates to keep up with the latest technology and trends. However, those entrepreneurs are asked "How to focus on core business operations?" is constant struggle. At Novus Logics, we fully understand your challenges and are ready to support you with our trusted devops Maintenance & Troubleshooting services. Our goal is to keep our customers' websites secure, up-to-date and high-performing. All of these boxes are checked by our dedicated devops services company who have experience and expertise working with all types of businesses, including start-ups and Fortune 500 clients. You can talk to our consultants and they will take you through our process and create a customized plan tailored to your budget and needs.
  • Fix browser compatibility issues

  • Server maintenance

  • UI-UX changes

  • Website theme update

  • Website version update

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

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