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Top-rated testing method

As complexity increases in the IT industry, QA becomes more important than ever for intelligent decision making. At Novus Logics, we know very well the relevance of automated software testing for building applications that deliver top-rated quality in the shortest time frame and at the lowest cost. Additionally, automated testing complements existing agile software development approaches ensuring faster time to market, better test coverage, and greater customer satisfaction. Tested various web applications on different operating systems (Mac OS, Windows, Linux), platforms and languages ​​(Java, Python, C#, Perl, Ruby, Groovy, VB Script and Java Script), by taking advantage of Selenium Software testing services goes and browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer).

Innovative testing tactics

We provide latest and innovative technologies and services for software testing. Our expertise covers complete software testing stuff including manual testing for websites, manual testing for mobile applications, functional automation testing using Selenium Appium, load/performance testing using JMeter, test management process, bug management tools. We test different operating systems, different devices and different browsers to ensure smooth operation for all end users. Our team uses Selenium Test Suite WebDriver to communicate directly with browsers, run the same tests on different browsers, overcome the potential challenges of automation testing, running regression tests, and more. Our Selenium developers are proven thinkers in providing strategic consulting services to businesses looking to implement test automation with Selenium development.

Our Selenium Testing Services

Test strategy design and implementation

Our experts test the design and layout of applications on a wide range of devices to ensure their functionality and responsiveness as per client's specifications and expectations. We have the skills and agile training to be involved in any project at any level and work from day one. Our write-shoring capabilities provide rapid scalability and flexible staffing.

Cross-browser testing

We leverage Selenium Appium to test web and mobile applications across different OS, platform and browser combinations to provide your application with the best benefits of open-source software. We incorporate AI in every solution to accelerate the market safely and effectively. Our Top Selenium Testing Framework works 24/7 to reduce testing time from weeks to hours.

Mobile web testing

Using a range of sophisticated tools, we verify that web applications run on the latest iOS and Android devices, with simulators, emulators, and instant access to real devices. Our testers take away the frustration of the QA due to the iterative nature of testing and use their expertise to focus more on release specific functional testing on smart devices.

Frequent correspondence

Our team integrates Jenkins and other open-source tools for continuous integration with remote machines such as Windows or Linux where Selenium WebDriver automation runs. We have a team of dedicated QA testing experts who are well equipped to design tests and have a vast technical knowledge base.

Infrastructure development

We excel in creating the ideal framework for Selenium Testing Automation Software, Mobile Automation Testing using Selenium or any other type of Automation Testing using Selenium. A reasonable step towards the use of specialized techniques to handle complex problems, solve test problems, and solve client problems in line with actual testing objectives.

Bug reporting and maintenance

Our Selenium Automation Testing Services in India also include detection of anticipated risks and defects. We also run regimes for critical path work, integration, robustness, and flow accuracy. We offer easy, fast and hassle-free execution of multiple tests in a single process to efficiently improve the speed of test automation.

Dynamic Selenium automation testing from Novus Logics

Quick turnaround time

Novus Logics has been a pioneer in providing high quality Selenium Automation Testing Services in Ahmedabad to customers across the globe for more than two decades. We understand the unique demands of each client and provide them with customized services with quick turnaround times. Through thousands of projects and hundreds of clients for 20+ years, we have developed successful solutions across all major industries and technology brands.

Functional Testing

Our team at Novus Logics has the necessary skills and expertise to provide accurate functional test automation to customers using Selenium. Our Selenium Automation Testing Services in USA can help the client uncover various functional defects that may have gone unnoticed during manual testing. We are offer 100 % dedicated to quality. We choose the best tools and strategies for each solution completely conflict free.

Regression Testing

Regression testing is one of the main methods of software testing. It helps to check whether a new defect has been introduced in the software application while fixing the old one. We have the necessary expertise to provide accurate Selenium Automated Regression Testing services to the clients.

Compatibility test

We can leverage the power of Selenium Automation Tutorial to test browser compatibility of software applications. We have the skills and expertise needed to assist customers with Selenium Browser Compatibility Testing Services. We also provide platform-oriented solutions that aim to automate data-based activities for platforms, such as Magento and Dynamics 365.

Automated framework creation

We can assist customers with automated framework building services. It will help customers develop their own framework for software testing, identify defects in software applications and rectify them in a fast turnaround time. We combine auto test with test case management and bug-tracking system to produce quality output in less time. It reduces up to 90% the effort required to run tests and analyse outputs, making the testing process efficient.

Integration with test management tools

Application integration with test management tools is an important aspect when it comes to software testing of your applications. Our team of expert software testers can assist you with flawless and error-free integration with test management tools. As the leading Selenium automation testing company, our testers integrate latest tools to achieve 50% reduction in overall release cycle time and 32% reduction in overall testing cost

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