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Ionic is a cross-platform and hybrid mobile application development framework that focuses primarily on the look and feel of your application and its UI interactions to create highly interactive applications. As an ionic mobile app development company, we build interactive and incredible hybrid and cross-platform apps for iOS and Android with functionality.

Supercharge your applications with Ionic app development

Build rich-user experience

Novus Logics is India's leading ionic app development company in India with developers with vast industry experience and a flawless dedication to contribute to the rapidly evolving technology world. They are known for developing interactive and unreliable hybrid applications with premium UI. Novus Logics help you build a mobile application without compromising on app performance and rich user experience. Through Ionic, we satisfy the market desire for cross-platform mobile application development with all local mobile experiences. Our ionic expertise and dedication have made us the most trusted ionic development company.

Integrate latest trends

At Novus Logics, we build cost-effective and high-performance ionic app development Services for small to medium-sized companies from a variety of industries around the world. Our Ionic developers offer ionic service that perfectly integrate AngularJS, HTML5, CSS and SaaS with your mobile application, making your application efficient and crash free. This is what makes us one of the best Ionic mobile application development companies in the world. Our ionic developers constantly update themselves with latest trends that help us to stand out of the competition. This enables us to deliver applications that users will like.

Versatile Ionic app development services

Ionic UI / UX design

It is a well-known fact that Ionic has highly custom themes and components. Novus Logics takes advantage of these themes and components to develop mobile applications with attractive UI. Our creative developers are no less than the artists who created the most compelling and attractive user interface for the mobile application. They also design beautiful graphics for the interactive elements of the apps so that they look premium and awe-inspiring. This sleek graphics app appeals to users and helps reduce bounce rate and cognitive load on users.

Custom Ionic App Development

The ionic app development team at Novus Logics uses Ionic’s useful features such as single codebase, extensive integration capabilities and plugins, fast prototyping, convenient testing, concise documentation for deploying custom apps. As such, we prove to be the company of choice for outsourcing ionic app development services to customers around the world.

Ionic widget development

We have extensive expertise in the ionic framework that allows us to develop feature-rich and robust cross-platform applications. Our Ionic development team creates the necessary widgets in HTML5 and integrates them with Ionic via Cordova. Additionally, they can create ionic widgets with different functionality. Therefore, integrating advanced features into applications is not a complex task for us. Partner with a reputable ionic app development company Ahmedabad to upgrade your app with innovative features and meet your business needs.

Native and hybrid application development

Novus Logics known as the best ionic app development company in USA and India, produces both native and hybrid mobile applications that are compatible with all major mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. Our Ionic developers provide the best mobile interface to make the application interactive. Our experienced Ionic developers follow the latest application development processes and methods to create simple yet high-performance Ionic mobile app solutions for start-ups and SMBs. This experience helps customers develop applications that are not only lightweight but also cost-effective.

Ionic application integration

Novus Logics provides large-scale ionic mobile app development service by integrating applications with smart watches, geolocation devices, AR / VR devices and other smart devices. Ionic app integration is done keeping in mind the client's need for easy operation and pleasant user experience for the users. With the amount of technological advancement, Novus Logics is ready for the future with a team of the best Ionic developers in India to meet the rise of future technologies and integrate ionic application into the smart devices of the future.

Ionic maintenance and support

As a reputable ionic development company, we have a dedicated team of ionic developers who support and maintain all projects related to ionic framework. They offer premium support to customers in the United States and Europe. Many customers who come to Novus Logics for support have a terrible past of losing money to companies that make false promises on maintaining ionic application after development. Novus Logics is India's leading app development company that not only supports new projects but also accepts abandoned projects to provide support and maintenance at affordable cost as per customer requirement.

Benefits of Ionic application development

Native Performance

We ensure that the applications delivered by Novus Logics meet the basic standards and are excellent in quality.

Scalable development

With highly experienced Ionic and AngularJS developers, we create intuitive applications that are robust and scalable. Our team is better at creating fast prototyping applications than open-source mobile SDK.

Dedicated team

Our esteemed team has years of experience in the field of Ionic mobile app development. He is well versed in technologies like AngularJS, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and specializes in Ionic Frontend SDK.

Robust codebase

Developing applications using the Ionic Framework means you need a codebase that works across multiple platforms. It simplifies the development process.

Transparent communication

We offer the best communication policies and techniques that are effective for customers looking for communication skills. You will be informed about each stage of development by our team and you will get the reports you need to stay engaged, informed and interested.

Support and maintenance

We provide full support and maintenance to your applications. Hire Best ionic app developers who optimize your applications to suit your needs.

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