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Get the Best Quality Assurance (QA) Services and Software Testing Services Company in Ahmedabad, India. Novus Logics offers Manual QA Testing, Web Testing, Mobile App Testing, Performance, API Testing.

Manual QA Testing

Novus Logics brings together a unique blend of QA services in Ahmedabad processes, equipment and technical expertise and domain knowledge to ensure that the product is delivered without defects in the fastest time frame. Novus Logics provides manual QA testing services for your functional testing needs with an experience base of mature testing process, in-house accelerators and all industry-leading functional testing tools. We take full responsibility for QA testing services, from creating a customized test plan to posting product support. We take a user-centred testing approach while delivering continuous value improvements to our connections. We ensure full traceability of professional requirements in designed and operated test cases for comprehensive test coverage. As a professional company for manual QA testing services, we provide comprehensive reporting with optimized dashboards at regular intervals to keep you updated about the progress of testing and defects.
  • Test strategy

  • Test planning

  • User acceptance testing

  • Test metrics and reports

  • Traceability Metrix

Manual QA Testing

Functional Testing

Although automation has become more popular in recent times, functional testing still plays an important role in the QA Services for website. Functional testing is important for detecting serious defects in software that only humans can detect. As a leading QA services company, we also provide manual software testing services in India including the international market. This ensures the delivery of flawless software without any operational issues. Functional testing services are important to increase the quality and reliability of software applications. It tests all functional aspects and eliminates possible errors in the application. As a leading manual testing service provider, Novus Logics can help you deliver a high-quality application for an enhanced user experience.
  • Usability testing

  • UX testing

  • Accessibility testing

  • Application testing

  • Critical defect testing

Functional Testing

Mobile & Web Testing

Mobile devices have become an important part of everyday life for people around the world. In the digital age, businesses are introducing new mobile apps to reach more customers. In order to build high quality mobile applications, QA Services for mobile app is important. With proper mobile app testing, businesses can provide high-performance and functional apps, which deliver a high level of user experience. Novus Logics as the top QA services provider in India, provide a mobile application testing service that helps detect potential bugs and enhance the overall performance of the application. It also ensures maximum compatibility of the mobile application with various devices. By enabling a unique user experience, mobile application testing helps the business gain an edge over its competitors. Take advantage of our top mobile app QA Services in USA and potentially enrich your product.
  • Compatibility testing

  • Localization testing

  • Game testing

  • VR/AR app testing

  • App security testing

Mobile & Web Testing

Performance Testing

When it comes to the best performance testing companies in India, Novus Logics comes out on top. Apart from this, we are offering load performance testing to ensure the application quality. Load and performance test measures are a viable option for determining system efficiency. System QA functional testing ensures efficient performance of responsiveness, stability and sensitivity. This performance test is run under a workload to determine the actual effectiveness of the machine. Similarly, load testing is another piece of software that plays a role in determining the performance aspect of the system. Not only this, it also tests the performance of the software application or product under various loads. As a leading software testing services, we are providing excellent performance testing services that help software achieve performance under high and low load conditions.
  • Capacity testing

  • Stability testing

  • Load testing

  • Volume testing

  • Data gathering

Performance Testing

Security Testing

As the world becomes more vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks, security testing becomes mandatory for every organization. With this in mind, Novus Logics provides security testing services in India following a protocol to ensure security. Also, QA Services software is the best solution to secure the application and increase the reliability of the users. It tests important security elements, including the authenticity, integrity and privacy of the application, and helps bridge security gaps. In addition, we're testing mobile app security to make the app more secure and reliable. At Novus Logics, our web application security testing aims to identify potential vulnerabilities to protect important data for your business and customers. This prevents hackers from harming the application in any way. Security testing also identifies potential vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to exploit the application. As a reputable QA and software testing services company in India, we are well aware of this. In addition, by accessing all security vulnerabilities and securing the application, security testing helps gain customer trust.
  • Mobile and web app security

  • Ethical hacking

  • Penetration testing

  • Risk assessment

  • Security auditing

Security Testing

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