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Build sophisticated software

Create excellent software solutions for networks with Rust - a language that takes C and C ++ to the next level. As a system programming language that manages consent and ensures memory security, Rust web development can be the perfect match for your sophisticated software projects where reliability and performance are important. Novus Logics’ Rust Developers team is ready to lend a hand in your software development, as we have been doing since 2011 for tech-based businesses around the world.

Explore endless possibilities of C/C++

According to the Stack Overflow Survey, Rust is the most favourite programming language among developers. It is often compared to the C/C ++ programming language in terms of the level of control over what the computer is doing for you while maintaining a low performance overhead. As a multi-illustrated, high-level, general-purpose programming language, shares the same syntax with C and C++, but provides a higher level of memory protection without using a garbage collector. Our excellent Rust development services in USA help you to explore endless possibilities of C/C++ in the most unique ways.

Why use Rust programming language for your project?


Rust can be an excellent choice for memory-efficient, fast, and performance-critical services. Our experts help you build a command-line application in Rust web framework that can be quickly, easily tested with strong configuration. These applications can be easily maintained and distributed. Our experts build an effective blockchain application in Rust using features like security orientation, speed like C ++ and functional support.

Memory protection

You don't have to choose between memory security and speed. As the prominent Rust development company, we implement secure memory management and prevents bugs and security vulnerabilities when your software is already in production. Rust assures us that if our code is compiled, it is secure. Therefore, we choose Rust for embedded programming because it ensures memory security, flawless consent, and low-level control without sacrificing high-level facilities.

Concurrent / parallel programming

Rust development services company prevents concomitant-related problems such as data races. It has built-in support for multi-threading, resource lending and ownership rules that allow you to write highly secure concomitant code. As the prominent rust web development services Ahmedabad, we provide predictable operation of the programming language, low resource footprint, and strong reliability and security for your network programming project.

Cross-platform capabilities

Our Rust web development services provide cross-platform support, helping companies migrate and deploy applications. At Novus Logics, we believe that good communication is the first step to success. That’s why knowing your needs, team resources, and documentation allows us to evaluate your project and design the right support. We can have our engineers better match the needs of the project to get the maximum load off your shoulders.

Operating system and software

Rust was primarily designed as a system programming language. It provides adequate memory management and vulnerability security features to become a popular development tool for operating systems and core applications. The main problem with language is the lack of support from hardware manufacturers who prefer to use C / C ++ for their work.

Blockchain Development

Systems based on distributed ledgers should be able to process requests quickly in the network with minimal load on the device. The C ++ toolkit perfectly copes with this task (Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain run on this), and therefore the development of infrastructure by a dedicated Rust developer will be more effective.

Outsource Your Rust Development project to Novus Logics

Web Servers

Even today, Rust can be used to create complete web projects. The language toolkit enables you to build both front-end and back-end. Part of the client is implemented, for example, on the UI framework inspired by feedback and angular. Simple web server development is possible in Rust due to Arctics-Web, a very productive framework supporting WebSocket’s, TLS and HTTP / 2.0.

Machine learning

The combination of machine learning and Rust look like an interesting prospect. Fast operation, low-level memory control using high-level abstraction can help make the Rust API a more popular tool. But for now, the field of machine learning experiments remains in this programming language. The Rust ecosystem lacks off-the-shelf, tested and reliable libraries to create neural networks that can match or exceed their analogue capabilities on Python.

Web assembly

We empower your JavaScript with Rust and WebAssearch to implement fast and reliable code on the web. WebAssearch is a low-level, assembly-like language that can run on modern web browsers and provide close local exposure. Hire rust developers to create robust apps and software.

Excellent control

Reasonable memory usage and memory security. Combining minimal standard library and excellent control over the resources used, Rust can call this his best achievement. In all low-level languages ​​with direct access to memory manipulation, Rust has significantly reduced the number of related problems.


With low networking footprint and complete control over resource usage, Rust can be extremely efficient for networking purposes. It is excellent for concomitant tasks as well as security related matters. Despite being a complex language, what makes it so great is its handling of error. Rust error messages are more readable than other low-level languages.

Embedded device

Rust is changing the traditional approach to embedded development as we know it with C/C ++/ Java. Flexible memory management, interoperability with existing systems and many other great features makes rust coding the right choice for this area. Designed with initial performance in mind, As the leader in Rust development services in India, we deliver excellent performance results in many areas of application.

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